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About Gloss It Founder: Rich Light

Rich initially battled the same daily business challenges… Within the 28+ years running his own Detailing Studios (Gloss It Design and Detailing Studio), he’s developed the proper plan and guide in operating a successful detailing business. Gloss It is now a renowned and respected BRAND within the detailing industry through its innovative products and detailing techniques.

Rich is now sharing his insight of proven paint correction and ceramic coating detailing techniques to increase detailing business’ sales 5-10x in the first 6 Months. Rich hosts hands on training from his Las Vegas facility every month and personally coaches those who sign up to attend. The training is done within 1 to 3 days depending on the course itself, and all who attend leave with an in-depth know how and enriched knowledge on how to start or move their detailing business forward.

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If you haven’t taken advantage of the free material produced by Rich himself, feel free to request your FREE video guide you can implement immediately to better streamline your workflow and increase productivity and overall sales.
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Learn Detailing and Ceramic Application Techniques to better your business and process.

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If you are ready to move your concept or business forward, you can always sign up to one of the monthly LIVE classes held in Las Vegas. The class is personalized to those who attend. Graduates of these courses leave with a complete understanding on how to better their business and overall detailing/ceramic know how.

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